Mastery Program



The Craft of teaching  

Real-life, practical projects and systems 

The Art of teaching  

The higher order of skills of teaching 

Over the last 10 years - ever since my bricks-and-mortar business ‚ÄėWhite Dog Studio‚Äô required me to hire Reformer instructors - I have been mentoring qualified instructors to improve their¬† Reformer teaching skills through direct coaching, one-off workshops, and longer-term group coaching programs.¬†

Like any beginner, I made countless mistakes in the process.  And like any beginner who persists, I made incremental improvements. 

These improvements, multiplied over time and coupled with my course development and delivery work at Breathe Education, I has taught me how to help instructors take their Reformer teaching skills to new levels.

Quickly and efficiently.

I have been using and refining this system at White Dog for years. 

White Dog Studio has a reputation for delivering Reformer Pilates classes that are simple, and effective and provide all-comers with the challenge they want (even if they hate us for it at the time).

This reputation and the consistency with which we have been able to help new trainers level up FAST and meet our client's high expectations is a testament to the effectiveness of our development system, and the character of the trainers who have engaged with it. 

I have built this system into an online program - The Reformer Mastery Program. 

The Reformer Mastery Program is suitable for beginner and experienced instructors, and designed to take a maximum of 15 weeks to complete.

The Reformer Mastery Program is delivered as a hybrid learning experience.

It can be started at any time and can be undertaken from anywhere in the world.

Course Content

Your course content is delivered 100% online and can be worked through at your own pace

1:1 Sessions

Virtual 1:1 coaching sessions are held with Heath at regular intervals throughout the program

Coaching Calls

Online weekly coaching calls open to everyone in the program and recorded for your review


What you get in this program:


  • My systems and strategies to create challenges and rewards that hit your clients exactly where their current ability is (= more clients feeling the session was designed just for them!)

  • My programming system helps you write lesson plans that feel like ‚Äėyou‚Äô and take less than a minute to write

  • My long-term programming system guarantees to elevate your skills exponentially while improving client experience AND retention

  • Recordings of my teaching (the general public as well as select classes from the Reformer Packs), and

  • Lesson plans I have used and refined for years


++ PLUS ++

 As part of the program, I will also set up Individual Development Projects (IDPs) for you that are designed to target the specific areas of your skill set that can be improved for the greatest possible outcome.

The Reformer Mastery Program has limited spaces 


To find out more about the program,

join me on a 30-minute FREE coaching call to discuss where you are  in your career journey and what the RMP can offer you

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