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Contrology Collective is a space for teachers and lovers of movement to explore the practice and teaching of Pilates.

The Contrology Collective is a judgement-free space for Pilates nerds to ask questions, discuss and generally explore what Pilates is in this day and age, and in its historical context.

It aims to inspire Pilates professionals to think critically and broadly about the topic, and to inspire rigour and curiosity in personal practice.

Embracing the 'OG' exercises on Mat, Reformer and apparatus -  as well as broader explorations of gymnastic training progressions and yogic asana sequencing -  the Contrology Collective holds an open lens on the movement world while always bringing the conversation back to the reality of teaching Pilates in the Pilates marketplace. 



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Meet Heath

As a group Pilates instructor Heath Lander is second to none.

He is known for his precise cueing, his ability to teach sophisticated nuances of movement in simple exercises, and a relentless expectation of effort and focus from his students. Not to mention his humorous, no bullshit writing on the subtle art of group instruction.

Heath is a leader and an innovator in the industry and has created The Contrology Collective to share his knowledge with the Pilates community.

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