Conversations at the gates of Pilhalla #1 - Melania McLaughlin / Semi circle

Season #1

The first podcast and the first of hopefully many 'Conversations at the gates of Pilhalla'... Pilates agnostic conversations between Pilates professionals about the craft and the art of teaching Pilates - and preparing our questions for Joseph - bloomer clad, myopic and buff - attending the gates of Pilhalla to check that those entering died with a magic circle in their hands.

I am joined by Melania Mclaughlin, a Pilates teacher based in Geneva. Melania has a deep and rigorous passion for Pilates but also the cognitive agility, curiosity and general humility to have - at times perhaps a little reluctantly - explored new ways of thinking about the 'classical' repertoire that she has studied for the last two decades.

Melania is a traditionally-trained Pilates instructor certified by The Pilates Academy of Switzerland in Zurich (2006) and Power Pilates in Rome (2007). She has deepened her expertise through hundreds of hours of continuing education, including participation in Romanaā€™s Pilates teacher training program in Milan and New York, and Jay Grimesā€™ The Work at Vintage Pilates in Los Angeles. She has also studied with esteemed instructors such as Bob Liekens, Dorothee Van Der Walle, and MeJo Wiggins. From 2006 to 2018, Melania operated her own studio in Geneva, Switzerland, where she logged thousands of hours teaching. In 2019, she transitioned to freelancing, offering her expertise to various studios. Passionate about human movement and committed to continuous learning, Melania is also a certified yoga teacher and holds a Diploma in Clinical Pilates. Her extensive background and dedication make her a versatile and knowledgeable instructor, ready to help clients achieve their wellness goals.