Elevate Your Teaching: From Workshop to Mastery

Discover the Foundations of Reformer Mastery and Transform Your Pilates Instruction  



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Imagine leading a Reformer class where every movement is purposeful, each client feels empowered, and your teaching is seamless and impactful 


At Contrology Collective, our free Reformer Mastery Program workshop is just the beginning.

Self-paced and 100% flexible our Reformer Mastery Foundations Program is designed to take your teaching to the next level - regardless of your current experience, equipping you with the tools and techniques to overcome the modern challenges of Reformer instruction.

There is No progress Without Orientation to Our Desired Destination

Within the RMP Foundations program, we share our unique roadmap to teaching excellence:

 The Stages of Teaching. This tool identifies for you what challenges and skills will keep you in flow as a professional at the same time as moving you more quickly to the next level in your journey to mastery.


As a Reformer Pilates instructor committed to excellence, you face unique challenges


The 4 Great Problems of the Modern Reformer Teacher


Every class you teach includes a spectrum of abilities. This is true regardless of how your studio structures its classes - it is the nature of working with groups of humans There's implicit and intrinsic pressure to prioritise variety over repetition, often at the cost of teaching effectiveness.


There is also explicit pressure from employers to provide variety AND visible results for your clients; two conflicting imperatives.


The limitations of the apparatus and studio setting make effective teaching difficult in ways that no other fitness setting does for the facilitator.


The general tendency in Pilates instruction is to focus more on the quality of movement and shape rather than using the apparatus to aid client success. A deeper knowledge of how to manipulate challenges through equipment settings helps us to solve the preceding challenges  more effectively

If these challenges are not addressed:

- your classes will feel disjointed

- clients will not progress as quickly as they could

- your teaching will not reach its full potential

Enter the Reformer Mastery Foundations Program.


This comprehensive course teaches you how to solve these issues using Layers, Clusters and my unique cueing systems 


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In the RMP Foundations you will learn how to:

Seamlessly integrate a range of abilities in your classes
Balance variety with repetition for optimal learning
Navigate the limitations of your apparatus
 Shift your focus from getting clients to move cohesively, to facilitating true client results

The RMP organises ALL the skills needed to an excellent Reformer teacher into three dimensions.


The Dimensions of Teaching


Programming - Strategic Programming for Maximum Results

The collection, organisation, arrangement, and implementation of exercises within individual classes and across broader periods are crucial. Effective programming, organised strategically using our system, guarantees maximum client results and retention while accelerating your skill development as a teacher.

I will teach you how to use layers and clusters, addressing all skill and strength levels in any class. You'll learn how I use the framework of ‚Äėstrength/ROM/control‚Äô to identify where clients are most challenged and to teach more effectively for individuals within a class.

We will explore Flow states ‚Äď that magical space where time feels elastic, and we are fully engaged with the activity for its own sake, free of comparison, self-doubt, or regret. More importantly, I‚Äôll teach you how to facilitate this for your clients.


Communication - More Than Just Cueing Skills

The Communication Dimension encompasses all the skills needed to:

  • Build meaningful relationships with clients
  • Manage and motivate groups
  • Support beginners
  • Extract the maximum benefit from our programming


The foundation skills in this dimension help you:

  • get groups into position quickly and efficiently
  • moving all together just as quickly as the set-up
  • use deceptively simple cueing strategies to motivate your whole
  • a systematic way of finding the juicy part of of every exercise - and sharing it with your whole class that makes every exercise more effective



Practice - The Bedrock of Effective Teaching

As part of the Reformer Mastery Foundations program, you will have access to live recordings of classes taught by Heath.

These recordings allow you to grasp the concepts and delivery of layers, clusters, and communication strategies through your own lived experience.

A renewed, systematic self-practice enhances our teaching and deepens empathy with clients.

As teaching is rooted in empathy, this is vital. Through our curated self-practice program, you'll deepen your understanding of key concepts and strategies, experiencing firsthand what your clients will undergo with this unique Reformer system.

Message from Heath:

My name is Heath Lander, and I welcome you to the Reformer Mastery Foundations program. With over two decades of experience as a Pilates instructor, I’ve dedicated my career to perfecting the art of teaching Pilates, helping both instructors and clients reach their highest potential.

I’ve trained with renowned experts and founded White Dog Studio. My passion extends beyond teaching exercises to creating an environment where instructors can thrive personally and professionally.

The Reformer Mastery Foundations program is designed for dedicated Pilates instructors like you. It addresses common challenges in group Reformer classes with innovative solutions through layers and clusters.

By joining this program, you are investing in a community and system that promises measurable improvements in your teaching skills, client results, and confidence. You’ll access live recordings, comprehensive training modules, and a supportive network to guide you.

Take this opportunity to elevate your teaching, inspire your clients, and transform your professional journey. 

Heath Lander

How is the program structured? 

The RMP foundations program is delivered in 5 sequential blocks. Each includes short ‚Äėcoursework videos‚Äô longer topical Lectures and where applicable cluster plans for you to incorporate in your teaching. Each¬†module of the program includes curated self-practice recordings.¬†¬†

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Module 1

The Problem with Reformer Teaching

A deep dive into the unique challenges faced by modern large group Reformer teachers. In this workshop, we will explore an elegant system designed to address and solve these common problems, setting the foundation for effective and efficient Reformer teaching.

Module 2

Layers as a solution to teaching group Reformer

Discover the concept of layers and their critical importance in group Reformer teaching. We will examine some of the best layers available and understand why they are essential for delivering effective and engaging Reformer classes.

Module 3

Clusters as a solution to the complexity of the Reformer

Understand the concept of clusters and their significance in managing the complexity of Reformer Pilates. This workshop will provide detailed plans and practical guidance on implementing clusters in your classes, helping you streamline your teaching process.

Module 4

The solution to the problem with Layers

A wise man once said, "There are no solutions, only trade-offs." As we solve the myriad of problems through implementing layers and clusters, a small but significant new challenge emerges. This challenge is closely associated with your newfound ability to provide regular clients with real, measurable strength, flexibility, and skill improvements.

This special sauce of the system is rarely taught elsewhere and is the key to bringing all elements of my Reformer teaching system together seamlessly.

Module 5

Communication 101

Building on the foundations of the programming dimension, this workshop focuses on effective communication strategies. We will explore how to deliver concepts within your classes, manage and motivate groups, support beginners, and build meaningful relationships with clients, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the communication dimension.

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